Lutronic DermaV Laser

Lutronic DermaV Laser

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The DermaV laser is the most technologically advanced and powerful vascular laser in the world.

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Lutronic DermaV Laser

Lutronic DermaV Laser has solved the equation that has eluded other laser companies for years: take the best wavelength and deliver it at optimal fluence and the correct pulse width. Couple that with the best available skin cooling, and unwanted vascular and pigmented lesions don’t stand a chance.

Optimal fluence – over three times more peak power than the next best green laser
The first combination of Cryogen cooling & 532/1064 nm
Variable Sequential Pulsing – All the capabilities of pulsed dye and long pulsed lasers, plus more
R.T. – easy-to-use “Accelerated Rejuvenation with Tracking”


DermaV™ is a long-pulsed 532n KTP & 1064nm Nd:YAG Laser with the latest technology such as Cryogen Cooling, Variable Sequential Pulsing Technology, and Real-Time Temperature Sensing, which incorporates 25 years of R&D know-how from Lutronic.


The new Handpiece includes:
– Auto-calibration in seconds shortens total treatment time
– IntelliTrak & Temperature Sensing for faster, more effective treatments

Key Benefits

— The Best Wavelengths: 1064nm in addition to 532nm, which has the ability to treat brown and red simultaneously with better absorption than other “vascular” wavelengths.

— Optimal Fluence: a high enough fluence to deliver the necessary thermal energy for best possible results, as well as the ability to lower energy to treat small vessels safely.

— Variable Sequential Pulsing: The first and only 532nm device to offer ICD cooling and flexible, user-specified Variable Sequential Pulsing, replacing ALL pulsed dye and solid-state green lasers.

— Effective Cooling: DermaV’s effective & adjustable cooling system (pre, delay, and post) protects the skin & optimizes clinical outcomes.


Optimal fluence – over three times more peak power than the next best green laser
The first combination of cryogen cooling & 532/1064nm
Variable Sequential Pulsing – Do everything you could do with pulsed dye and long pulsed lasers, and more
R.T: easy-to-use Accelerated Rejuvenation with Tracking
Temperature Sensing for real-time feedback
Proprietary IntelliTrak technology for consistent, rapid energy delivery



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