2021 Lumenis Splendor X- Laser Hair Removal & Zimmer Included

2021 Lumenis Splendor X- Laser Hair Removal & Zimmer Included


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Lumenis Splendor X Hair Removal

What is Lumenis SPLENDOR X ?

Lumenis SPLENDOR technology is equipped with the unique BLEND X (Bilateral laser emission of Nd:YAG 1064nm and Alexandrite 755nm wavelengths) that allows medical professionals to create customized treatment options for patients of all hair types and skin types, including tanned and darker skin tones. This solid state laser system provides safe, effective, and fast hair removal with no downtime and very low rate of complications.

How does Lumenis Splendor X Hair Removal Work ?

During the procedure, Lumenis SPLENDOR BLEND X technology allows the laser beam to fire with adjustable proportions, thus ensuring greater coverage. What’s unique about Lumenis SPLENDOR is its revolutionary square spot size that provides deeper penetration and uniform coverage of the treatment area. This ensures that the laser beam does not miss any area or overtreats the treatment area. For greater efficacy, Lumenis SPLENDOR laser beam precisely targets the hair follicle in two depths. This ultimately damages the hair follicle and prevents future hair regrowth.

What are the Unique Advantages of Lumenis SPLENDOR X?

This unique solid state laser system is a game changer in the field of laser hair removal and has the following advantages:

  • Allows Customized Treatment: With BLEND X technology, Lumenis SPLENDOR  smart system can be synchronized to be fired independently or simultaneously, with adjustable proportions to meet the cosmetic needs of the patient.
  • Powerful System with Unmatched Speed: Lumenis SPLENDOR runs at 260W output power and has high repetition rate as well as wide coverage area.
  • Revolutionary Square Spot Size: This ensures faster and uniform coverage of the area being treated, thus preventing overtreatment and burn injuries.
  • Equipped with Built-in Plume Evacuator: This unique built-in system provides a smoke-free environment to ensure the safety of the practitioner and the patient.

What are the other Indications for Lumenis SPLENDOR ?

Aside from hair removal, Lumenis SPLENDOR is also indicated for:

  • Angiomas (benign tumors)
  • Fungus tattoos
  • Hemangiomas (bright red nodule in the skin)
  • Leg veins
  • Onychomycosis (nail infection)
  • Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (persistent irritation caused by shaving)
  • Scars
  • Telangiectasia (threadlike red lines or pattern on the skin)
  • Warts
  • Wrinkles

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