Lutronic PicoPlus Laser

Lutronic PicoPlus Laser


Highest Power of Any Multi-Wavelength Picosecond Laser

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Lutronic PicoPlus Laser

Lutronic PicoPlus Laser is the next-generation product following the top-of-the-line series of Q-switched Nd:YAG laser devices perfected by Lutronic over the past 15 years, and challenging the pulse mode from nanoseconds to picoseconds. PICOPLUS offered four wavelengths: 532 nm, 595 nm, 660 nm, and 1064 nm. This variety of options gave it the versatility to treat even the most difficult cases. PICOPLUS has inherited this novel feature but operating in the powerful and stable picosecond domain. The availability of specialized handpieces at four different wavelengths, combined with the ps-domain pulse width, makes the removal of both multicolored and black tattoos even more effective.

What is PicoPlus?

PicoPlus is a 1064/532nm multi-wavelength picosecond laser platform designed with premium performance and ease-of-use capabilities. While PicoPlus can help clear tattoo ink more rapidly than other systems, it can also be used to treat unwanted epidermal and dermal pigmentation and help stimulate collagen with virtually no patient downtime.

Key Benefits

– Shorter 450ps pulse width for clinical efficacy with less downtime
– Highest peak power at 1.8GWfor more effective treatments
– Ability to precisely adjust to low energies for gentle treatments
– Easy-to-use S-Arm, compact Handpieces and rapid autocalibration in seconds


In fact, the laser produces such a significant photoacoustic effect that when the beams are focused with a special lens – the Dual Focused Dot lens – the laser creates tiny explosions just beneath the skin, known as Laser-induced Optical Breakdown bodies (LIOB).

These LIOBs effectively force dermal remodeling and resurfaces scars without any peeling or prolonged downtime or discomfort – a form of treatment known as Cold Rejuvenation.

PicoPlus Laser Work

The PicoPlus laser combines nanosecond and picosecond wavelengths to address body ink and pigmentation irregularities in fewer treatments than single wavelength devices. The powerful pulses shatters the ink in a tattoo, so the microscopic particles left behind can be eliminated by the body. When treating hyperpigmentation or brown spots, the laser targets the melanin to remove the mark.


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