Quanta Thunder MT Laser Hair Removal

Quanta Thunder MT Laser Hair Removal


The Quanta Thunder is another range of lasers systems from Quanta that offer mixed technology the latest innovation in laser technology for hair removal and other treatments.

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Quanta Thunder MT Laser Hair Removal

Thunder Series offers a really powerful device that can be provided with up to two wavelengths Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm, available in single sources or with the proprietary Quanta Mixed Technology.

This innovative Series represents the ideal solution for extremely fast hair removal all year round and efficient treatments of dermatological vascular lesions and skin rejuvenation.

Quanta Mixed Technology

Available in the Thunder MT version, this innovative technology is able to perform the largest range of hair removal applications, as well as vascular and rejuvenation treatments.
This boosted Quanta Mixed Technology® allows the operators to perform hair removal even on middle-dark skin types with the maximum safety and effectiveness all year long.

Quanta Scanner

The new Quanta Scanner with Proprietary technology, is a scanner handpiece which automatically delivers laser energy homogeneously on really wide areas quickly avoiding excessive pulse overlapping.

Its exclusive AutoMotion technology can perform even low/no pain hair removal treatments with extreme precision.

Quanta Thunder MT Laser Hair Removal Handpieces

Proprietary Technology is able to generate a new spot with super elliptical shape and optimized gaussian beam profile, to overcome the traditional spots’ limits related to different grades of overlapping in order to increase speed, safety and effectiveness of the treatment.


Qool-air is an exclusive skin cooling system available for the Quanta System Thunder Series. It is compatible with the Skin Cryo and Skin Cryo TH handpiece adaptors.
This compact and powerful system is also able to cool-down wide areas of skin for maximum treatment comfort and is controllable directly by the laser screen. Qool-air is the ideal solution to combine skin cooling power and maximum space saving.

Raising the bar in permanent hair reduction

Thunder Series allows the operators to perform permanent hair reduction treatments all the year long on all skin types because of the two gold-standard wavelengths available.
Its highest laser power guarantees high energy levels with big spots for fast procedures and wide treatment areas.
The combination of high laser power with an optimized spots shape permits a very efficient energy distribution for unparalleled uniformity and safety of treatment.


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