Fotona SP Spectro Laser System

Fotona SP Spectro Laser System


The Fotona SP Spectro also has option for QCW Nd:YAG which will allow you to combine both ablative and non-ablative techniques with lucrative surgical treatments to maximise the return on your investment. The minimally invasive treatments such as laser assisted lipolysis, laser assisted hyperhidrosis and endovenous laser ablation can become a valuable part of your treatment portfolio with this unique laser system and in essence offer a complete anti-aging make over, from the inside out.

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Fotona SP Spectro Laser System

Fotona systems are built on the basis of Er: YAG lasers, it is a new generation of laser systems to use in aesthetic medicine. The eternal desire to preserve eternal youth has led to a huge market of rejuvenating treatments. With the latest advances in the field of laser technology it is now more durable, scientifically proven method to restore the skin’s natural beauty. Laser peeling is a procedure that can be performed at any age, both women and men.

Fotona SP Spectro – This offers the same combination of Er:YAG and Nd:YAG as the SP Dynamis but does not offer the same powers as the Dynamis pro.

The SP line of lasers has been thoughtfully designed to offer wide range of treatments to be an aesthetic workstation with the need to add additional handpieces. Fotona Nd;YAg wavelengths is effective at reaching the deepest layers of the skin while the Er:YAg is designed to removed imperfections by brushing away the skin surface.

Fotona SP Spectro, Nd:YAG & Er:YAG laser system

Fotona’s new SP Spectro laser generator is the laser a multi-application laser for every budget. The powerful and easy to use Fotona SP Spectro draws together two of the gold standard lasers for the cosmetic and aesthetic market high performance Er:YAG and Nd:YAG in one unique and affordable package. The Fotona XP Spectro is the laser system of choice to provide multi applications without the capital cost of multiple laser systems.


Highest Performance
Gold standard Er:YAG laser and ND:YAG lasers
Complete package Anti-Aging treatments
Massive potential with multiple applications
Full field and fractional scanning
New Novel Turbo technology
New V-smooth technology
User friendly
Great return on investment

Technical Data

Er:YAG laser
Laser wavelength: 2940 nm
Max. pulse energy: 3000 mJ
Max. average power: 20 W
Pulsewidth: MSP Mode: 100 microseconds
SP Mode: 300 microseconds
LP Mode: 600 microseconds
VLP Mode: 1000 microseconds
XLP Mode: 1500 microseconds
SMOOTH mode: 250 miliseconds (with equally-spaced SP pulses)
V-SMOOTH mode with S-Runner Scanner: 100-500 ms
Max. frequency: 50 Hz
Manual spotsizes: 0.45 to 12 mm
Scanner spotsize: F-Runner: 250 μm, S-Runner: 4 mm
Max. scanner area: F-Runner: 168 mm², S-Runner: 1600 mm²
Scanner coverage: F-Runner: 5% – 20%
Scanner overlap: S-Runner: 0% – 30%
Scanning sequences: F-Runner: OPtimal, NAtural
S-Runner: SEquential, OPtimal, PaRtial
Beam delivery type: FeatherLight arm
Nd:YAG laser
Laser wavelength: 1064 nm
Max. average power: 35 W
Pulsewidth range: PULSE: 0.1 to 50 ms, QCW: 0.1 to 2 ms
Max. frequency: PULSE: 75 Hz, QCW*: 100 Hz
Manual spotsizes: 2 to 10 mm
Scanner spotsizes: 3 mm*, 6 mm, 9 mm*
Scanner area: 42 cm²
Beam delivery type: Optical fiber


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