Used Fotona Lightwalker ST Pro Dental Laser

Used Fotona Lightwalker ST Pro Dental Laser


The ST PRO is an ultra fast Er:YAG dental laser capable of removing cavities without the need for shots and local anesthetic, especially for children, in most cases.

The ST PRO also performs the patented and widely researched and acclaimed PIPS laser root canals, a wide range of atraumatic bone procedures and non-invasive, blood and suture free soft tissue procedures.

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Fotona Lightwalker ST Pro Dental Laser

The ST PRO includes features not available in competing systems including:

Powerful 12 watts of Er:YAG energy for Ultra Fast cutting;
Large, User Friendly Touch Screen with a wide range of Easy-To-Use presets;
The highly reliable, ergonomic and efficient Optoflex delivery system;

High Visibility Green aiming beam;
Built-in air supply, eliminating the need for external air connections/supplies;
Optional Quantum Square Pulse (QSP) and SMOOTH mode for Advanced Clinical Procedures such as the non-invasive Nightlase snoring treatment

Fast efficient cutting with unmatched patient comfort

With the advent of QSP technology and higher output power (several kW), the LightWalker ST PRO has established a new standard for ablation/cutting speed. This new accelerated cutting speed provides today’s dentists with the speed and precision they demand, while simultaneously increasing patient comfort.

Precise tissue surgery with simultaneous disinfection

The homogeneous absorption of the Nd:YAG laser in soft tissue results in controlled tissue vaporization with simultaneous coagulation for superior healing and disinfection.

Technology for efficacy and safety

In LightWalker, both “gold standard” laser wavelengths are produced by solid crystal lasers that can significantly outperform diode lasers in terms of peak power and the range of pulse durations.

Easy-to-use touch screen

LightWalker has an easy-to–use color touch-screen with an adjustable tilt and 80 customiz-able presettings that cover more than 40 different applications.

Wireless footswitch

LightWalker also has an optional wireless footswitch that avoids unnecessary tangling of electric cables on your practice floor.

Virtually Unlimited Applications

Designed for ultimate versatility, LightWalker lasers provide one of the most comprehensive lists of clinical applications available on any dental laser. With both tipped and tipless hand-pieces, your clinical options are almost endless.

Fotona Lightwalker ST Pro Dental Laser offer the highest standard of dental treatment, and at the same time simplicity of use in:

Conservative Dentistry,
Soft-tissue Surgery,
Aesthetic Treatments.


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