3Shape TRIOS 3 Wireless

3Shape TRIOS 3 Wireless


The 3Shape TRIOS 3 Wireless intraoral dental scanner connects by Wi-Fi to the computer displaying the scan in real time. The removable, sterilisable scan tip ensures quick and hygienic treatment. The charging station can simultaneously accommodate three rechargeable batteries, which guarantees uninterrupted performance.

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3Shape TRIOS 3 Wireless

The intraoral scanner built to boost patient engagement: Preview restorative and orthodontic treatment results. Explain your treatment plans more easily. The 3Shape TRIOS 3 wireless impression scanner – the first of its kind – helps you boost case acceptance by engaging even more with your patients. You can also choose to add in-house or chairside services to your offer or use the scan-and-send functionality.

The TRIOS 3 Wireless Pod is used for connection of the TRIOS scanner to a computer. A mobile and flexible alternative when working in multiple locations, or for clinics with limited space. This wireless pen grip 3D scanner with Ultrafast Optical Sectioning Technology is used for spray and powder-free intraoral scanning in colors. Capable of measuring shades of teeth and adding HD photos to the 3D model.

3Shape Trios 3 Wireless Superior technology
All of our impression scanners use AI to “learn” from real teeth for long-lasting, natural-looking treatment outcomes. You can even capture and send precise occlusion and excursive jaw motion to your lab for a perfect fit. And digital scanner dental impressions are more accurate than conventional impressions.

Engagement and treatment
Combine TRIOS 3 Wireless with our engagement apps as visual tools to help you personalize patient experiences and ensure all their concerns are addressed. Together, they create a perfect opportunity to show patients their unique dentition and share specific information about the health of their teeth and gum. Or grow your business with a choice of software solutions to design and produce in-house.
3Shape Trios 3 Wireless innovation
Scan unrestricted by wires and quickly move your scanner between different operatories. The first and only wireless impression scanner on the market ensures optimal comfort and easier scanning for both you and your patients.

Show patients their future smiles
Use TRIOS Smile Design to design your patient’s beautiful new smile in just minutes, based on a photo of your patient’s face. Share the photorealistic results with your patient to align expectations and stimulate treatment acceptance.

The TRIOS3 Wireless Pod requires the use of a Laptop PC (not included). Contact a Great Lakes Digital Support Sales Specialist for options.
NOTE: No refunds or returns.

Included in Package

TRIOS 3 Wireless Pod
TRIOS 3 Wireless Scanner Pod
Includes TRIOS Engagement Apps
Charger Including Power Cord
Wall Mount Kit for Charger
(3) Batteries
(5) TRIOS 3 Scanner Tips w/Mirrors
(1) TRIOS 3 Calibration Tip
(1) TRIOS 3 Protection Tip
(1) TRIOS 3 Color Calibration Kit
Wireless Adapter
USB Dongle with Software
3Shape Subscription Dongle


  • Wireless innovation – Scan unrestricted by wires, optimizing comfort for both you and your patients and making scanning easier.
  • Excitement apps – Excite patients by bringing treatment outcomes to life, and advance case acceptance like never before!
  • Studio apps – Grow your business with a choice of software solutions to design and produce in-house and start offering same-day dentistry.


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