3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move Plus Dental Intraoral Scanner

3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move Plus Dental Intraoral Scanner


In the first layer of the box, we find two things, a quick start guide, which basically just tells you how to assemble the Trios Move, and the Trios 4 itself.

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3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move Plus

Advances in digital dental technology like the 3Shape TRIOS 4 intraoral scanner and TRIOS MOVE+ enable dentists to perform increasingly consistent, predictable, and accurate treatment procedures. Patients benefit from improved comfort and involvement in treatment planning that engages and excites them about their options and predicted outcomes.

The MOVE+ features an expanded, 15.6” HD touchscreen mounted on an ergonomic, adjustable arm. This helps dentists position the screen to share TRIOS intraoral scans with patients and acts as a canvas to design and discuss treatment plans.

The Trios 4 comes in three configurations.

– The Trios 4 pod, which is basically a USB scanner that can be used with any suitable laptop or desktop.
– And the Trios Move or Move+. The Trios Move and Move+ are the cart versions of the scanner, with the Move+ just having a larger screen.

So this is the 3Shape Trios 4 scanner box. Now right off the bat what we see is a sticker that says Trios Care, and this is the company’s new name for their subscription options.

Traditionally, all 3Shape scanners require a subscription to use. If you didn’t pay the subscription, you couldn’t use the scanner.

And especially of recent time, this was met with a lot of contention, especially with all the free to use scanners that are now on the market.

So what this new subscription packages is, is 3Shape released two options, (1) Trios Care, which is their traditional subscription option. It’s basically a service package and (2) Trios Only, which is a completely subscription free option.

That means completely subscription free Trios Scanners and that includes software updates. Interesting thing to note is that every 3Shape scanner, including the Trios 4 comes with one year free of the Trios Care subscription.

The 3Shape Trios 4 Wireless Move Plus Dental Intraoral Scanner

This is the Trios 4 Scanner. And personally, I think it’s one of the most aesthetic scanners on the market. I really think it just looks very modern and high tech.

Now, some of the other things that come inside the box, are five scanner tips, a battery pack, and 3d calibration and color calibration tools.

So if we look at this Trios 4, for a second, what we see straight away is that it comes with a protective sleeve and how you take off these scanner tips is you simply twist off and take it off.

The Trios 4 Smart Tips

Now, this is what the company calls smart tips. And this is really what differentiates the Trios 4 from all other Trios scanners.

The reason being is three main things.

  • These smart tips can be autoclaved up to 150 times, which is a massive number.
  • They also have an autoclave tracker in them. They can be heated up very fast from dead cold to turning it on and being able to use it within 10 seconds with no fogging.
  • The third factor that makes this scanner tip so special is the fact that they conserve battery power, which is really important for a wireless scanner.

So speaking of wireless, here’s the battery pack and it slides very easily into the back of the Trios 4.

A couple of interesting things about these battery packs is that from empty to full charge, takes a couple of hours, but you can use them within about 10 minutes of charging.

The other interesting thing is, is that these battery packs lasts about an hour of scanning, which is ample time for most of your day-to-day procedures.


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