Zeiss IOL Master 500 Optical Biometer

Zeiss IOL Master 500 Optical Biometer

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Easy to use and delegate

Taking biometry measurements made easy! The multi-touch screen and the new graphical user interface allow for gesture control of the device like you are used to from your smartphone or tablet computer. Alignment assistance functions make the results largely independent from the user and therefore easy to delegate.

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Zeiss IOL Master 500 Optical Biometer

Zeiss IOL Master 500 Optical Biometer is the gold standard in optical biometry with more than 100 million successful IOL power calculations to date. This fast and easy-to-use device provides refractive outcomes you can trust, advanced measurement of challenging eyes, and precise, efficient markerless toric IOL alignment.

The new IOLMaster 500 features several advanced new capabilities, including:

Increased Speed: In individual practice studies, the new IOLMaster 500 has been shown to complete all measurements in as few as 80 seconds2.
Holladay 2 Calculations: Included inside the IOLMaster 500, this advanced 4th generation formula is the leading formula used by U.S. surgeons3.
Dual-mode Measurements: Axial length and keratometry calculations can be collected simultaneously, at the push of a button.
Composite Signal Filtering: New sound filtering technology excludes poor readings and increases the percentage of cataract patients that can be measured.
Seamless Data Integration with the Synergy Ultrasound A-scan: This time-saving feature allows easy workflow integration of A-scan ultrasound biometry for difficult cases, such as extremely dense cataracts.
New Graphical User Interface: With green, red and yellow “traffic light” reporting, technicians of all experience levels will know when the optimum measurement position has been reached.

Complete refractive control

The patented cornea-to-retina scan offered by the model is ideal for a comprehensive examination. It presents anatomical details through a cross-sectional view of the entire eye. Any unusual eye geometries such as tilts can be detected and incorporated into the examination. You can also visually verify the specific structures that have been measured in the eye, allowing for better assessment. It also includes an automated fixation check, which identifies poor fixation to reduce the likelihood of refractive surprises which may compromise the results.

Outstanding repeatability

Repeatability is essential for good refractive outcomes. Thanks to its unique SWEPT Source Biometry with 2,000 scans per second, the repeatability of the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is absolutely outstanding.

Unique telecentric keratometry

ZEISS is the only company that offers a biometer with telecentric, and thus distance-independent, keratometry. Its smart optical configuration allows robust and repeatable measurements – especially with restless patients – for superior keratometry measurements.
Complete set of biometric parameters for latest IOL power calculation formulas

Optimized workflow

You can optimize the efficiency of your operations thanks to the optimized cataract workflow. It allows you to measure both eyes in less than 45 seconds, which guarantees improved patient experience. It also features auto alignment assistance, reducing the risk of human error and making the examination results independent of the clinician. This allows you to delegate other aspects of the examination for seamless operation.

Toric IOL power calculation made easy

In the new Haigis Suite, the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 provides the first on-board all-in-one solution for toric IOL power calculation. It combines the well established Haigis formula, the Haigis-L formula for post-LVC cases, and the new Haigis-T for toric IOL in one powerful tool. There is no need to key-in data into the vendors’ online toric IOL power calculation tools.


Thanks to its SWEPT Source Biometry, the measurements take only seconds. This is a huge advantage of –,, especially with restless patients.


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