Zeiss Clarus 700 Ultra widefield Fundus Camera

Zeiss Clarus 700 Ultra widefield Fundus Camera

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CLARUS 700 from ZEISS was designed as a comprehensive ultra-widefield retinal camera for eye care specialists to capture ultra-widefield images in true Color, with unsurpassed image quality and a complete suite of modalities, including fluorescein angiography.

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Zeiss Clarus 700 Ultra widefield Fundus Camera

Zeiss Clarus 700 Ultra widefield Fundus Camera from ZEISS enables doctors to detect even the smallest changes in the course of the disease. In addition to true-color fundus images, the system also captures high-resolution fundus autofluorescence (FAF) images in FAF blue and FAF green, infrared images (IR), and external images. The ultra-high resolution of the CLARUS 700, combined with our intuitive review software, enables clinicians to track changes confidently.

CLARUS 700 was only with the introduction of the new technology for ultra-wide-angle imaging of the retina that it was shown that many diseases often begin covertly in the outermost periphery of the retina or can only be found there.

Clarus 700 from Zeiss, the latest multimodal ultra-wide-angle imaging of the fundus of the eye, offers you color-accurate image analyses in high resolution with an accuracy of up to 7.3 µm.

The laser scanning technology creates an ultra-wide field of view of more than 200 degrees, and the device also contains angiography/autofluorescence modules for special questions. Clarus 700 makes unique, non-contact images of the retina.

CLARUS 700 all with a single instrument that combines:

Ultra-large field of view
True color images thanks to wide spectrum LED scans
Exceptional image resolution
Fluorescein angiography
Advanced image capture features

CLARUS 700 is the first and only fundus camera that can do everything to its Advantage:

The ultra-widefield lets you capture sharp, precise images from the macula to the far periphery.
True Color Imaging – With Broad Line technology, the ZEISS CLARUS 700 captures images with coloration very close to that seen during a clinical exam.
Image resolution: allows visualizing all the details in high resolution from the posterior pole to the periphery.
Fluorescein angiography.
Chin rest: so that the lens moves and not the patient for alignment.


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