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The Sciton mJOULE is a new platform device from Sciton that combines a fractional laser treatment (MOXI) with a powerful broadband light (BBL) device that can deliver traditional BBL treatments or enhanced High Energy Rapid Output (HERO) protocols. Either treatment can be performed alone or done together for combined effects.

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The Sciton mJoule laser is a dual-wavelength platform that contains MOXI, the latest non-ablative fractional wavelength treatment, and BBL HERO, one of the most effective IPL devices in the business. HERO technology allows the platform to provide treatment 4x faster, 3x stronger, and much more comfortably than other technologies.

MOXI provides gentle treatment to all skin types. It was designed to help young people remove signs of aging and sun damage before they get worse. It also addresses uneven skin tone and pigmentation. MOXI works well with BBL HERO in reducing more advanced sun damage.

BBL HERO targets large areas using its BBL energy. It treats sun damage, rosacea, and age spots without touching the surrounding skin tissues. Since it is a non-ablative treatment, there is no peeling, flaking, or lengthy downtime.

Sciton BBL and MOXI Laser Skin Rejuvenation.

Sciton is one of the leading providers of aesthetic laser and light technology, and MOXI and BBL Hero are the powerhouse duo of treatment technologies that form Sciton’s mJOULE platform – one of its newest and greatest innovations.

These two non-invasive laser treatments can be performed individually or as a combination treatment, and they work to rejuvenate the skin and improve skin concerns such as fine lines, age spots, scarring, texture, and pigmentation.

MOXI is a non-ablative fractional laser treatment that works to revitalize the skin, while BBL Hero is a powerful broadband light (BBL) treatment that has been quoted as being the most significant advancement in this type of technology in 20 years!

What are the differences between BBL Hero and MOXI.

Both BBL Hero and MOXI work to improve common skin concerns, but they each target slightly different issues. BBL is generally more focused on skin tone, and is more effective at turning back the clock on visible signs of aging, whereas MOXI is more focused on the skin texture, and is a great option for longer-term maintenance and “prejuvenation”, a.k.a. keeping your skin looking its best.

BBL Hero can improve the appearance of the following skin conditions:

Age and sun spots
Freckles and age spots
Small facial veins
Small blood vessels and rosacea
Active acne
Loose or sagging skin

MOXI improves the appearance of the following skin conditions:

Uneven complexion
Pigmentation issues, including melasma
Poor texture
Light sun damage
Minor skin laxity

So in addition to the amazing results you’ll see when looking in the mirror, here are some of the other great benefits of MOXI and BBL laser treatments:

Effective as “preventative” anti-aging skincare
No downtime
Long-lasting and natural-looking results
Faster and more effective than other lasers
Comfortable, low-pain treatment
Can be used across the entire body, and quickly treats large areas
Encourages collagen production
Naturally tightens the skin
Safe for all skin types
Combinable – with each other, and other treatments


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