Niton XL3t 900 XRF Analyzer

Niton XL3t 900 XRF Analyzer

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Niton XL3t 900 also has a powerful lithium-ion battery, giving it up to 8 hours of continuous operation. In conclusion, Niton XL3t 900S is a high-performance handheld XRF spectrometer specifically designed for field analysis. With its sophisticated detection technology, user-friendly interface, and customizable settings, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC Niton XL3t 900S provides reliable and accurate elemental analysis in even the most challenging environments.

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Niton XL3t 900 XRF Analyzer

Niton XL3t 900 XRF Analyzer uses the highest-quality components and utilizes spectral and energy discrimination technology to attain the most accurate elemental information possible. Niton XL3t 900 is powered by a 225 watt miniature X-ray tube and has a patented Aluminum Beryllium focused X-ray source.

The detector is an air-cooled 5mm high energy resolution Si-PIN X-ray detector providing excellent resolution of small elemental features and a low background noise THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC Niton XL3t 900 comes equipped with a Chromium filter for increased detection of light elements, as well as a high-output energy range of 6-18keV for greater flexibility when analyzing low and high atomic numbers.

Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t 900S XRF Analyzer for sale, Loaded with Alloy Mode, Quantifies aluminum (Al), silicon (Si) and magnesium (Mg) levels in aluminum alloys, Si in steels, Al in nickel and titanium alloys

FUlly tested and calibrated by Thermo Scientific to be ready to working to analyze


High sensitivity and measurement accuracy.
Lower detection limits for higher-Z elements, with additional elements Mg, Al, Si, and P via helium purge.
Standard analytical range: 25 elements from S to U.
Optional CCD camera for visually identifying and recording images of samples.
User-selectable 3mm small spot for precise analysis.
Flip-up color touch-screen display.
Ergonomic design.
Easy-to-use software.
50 kV x-ray tube provides approximately twice the x-ray flux of a 40 kV x-ray tube.
Hotfoot hot surface adaptor allows testing in petrochemical refineries up to 842°F (450°C).
Connectivity options including Thermo Scientific™ Niton Data Transfer (NDT™) PC software suite, USB, and Bluetooth™ communications.
Optional accessories such as a Bluetooth barcode reader, Bluetooth printer, and Bluetooth GPS.


Niton XL3t 900
2X Batteries
Battery charging dock
AC adapter/Charger for dock
316 coin
F-5 BS 47A Coin
Power cord for AC adapter
Polyene Windows
User Instructions
Hard Carrying case


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