Niton XL3t 700S XRF Analyzer

Niton XL3t 700S XRF Analyzer

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This versatile tool offers significant benefits:

Improved Efficiency: Rapid analysis and on-site decision-making capabilities streamline your workflows.
Enhanced Accuracy: Precise elemental identification ensures informed decisions based on reliable data.
Increased Safety: Non-destructive testing eliminates the need for destructive sampling methods.
Reduced Costs: Optimize material utilization, minimize errors, and ensure regulatory compliance for cost savings.

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Niton XL3t 700S XRF Analyzer

Niton XL3t 700S XRF Analyzer is a valuable investment for anyone requiring fast, portable, and dependable metal analysis.

Fast and Accurate Results: Obtain precise elemental analysis results within seconds, streamlining your workflow and decision-making processes.

Portable and Rugged Design: The lightweight and durable design allows for easy transport and use in various field environments.

Non-Destructive Testing: Analyze materials without damaging the surface, making it suitable for testing finished products, art objects, and other sensitive materials.

Easy to Use: The intuitive interface and clear display minimize training time and ensure user-friendly operation.

Wide Range of Applications: Analyze a broad spectrum of metals and alloys for various purposes, including scrap metal sorting, PMI verification, and lead paint detection.

Key Features:

High-Performance X-ray Tube: Delivers powerful X-rays for efficient element excitation and accurate analysis.
Advanced SDD Detector: Provides exceptional sensitivity for precise detection of a wide range of elements.
User-Friendly Software: Intuitive software simplifies data acquisition, analysis, and reporting.
Data Storage and Connectivity: Store and transfer data conveniently for further analysis and record-keeping.
Multiple Calibration Options: Choose from various pre-loaded calibrations or create custom calibrations for specific application needs.


The Niton XL3t 700S finds applications in diverse industries and scenarios:

Metal Scrap Recycling: Quickly sort and classify scrap metal based on elemental composition for optimal recycling processes.
Positive Material Identification (PMI): Verify the composition of critical components during manufacturing, maintenance, and construction to ensure material integrity and regulatory compliance.
Lead Paint Testing: Safely and efficiently detect the presence of lead in paint for building inspections, renovations, and lead abatement projects.
Mining and Exploration: Analyze soil, rock, and ore samples for elemental composition to guide exploration efforts and resource identification.
Art & Artifact Authentication: Analyze the elemental composition of artwork and artifacts to aid in authentication and provenance determination.
Environmental Monitoring: Measure elemental composition in environmental samples to assess potential contamination.


1 x Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t 700s Handheld XRF Analyzer
1 x AC Adapter/Charger
1 x Check Sample 180-606
1 x Multielement Reference Sample EN 71-3
1 x Lead Sample
1 x Holster
1 x Jack Interface
1 x Niton Battery Charger
2 x Batteries
Prolene window replacement
1 x Hard Carry Case


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