GE Vscan Air SL Dual Probe

GE Vscan Air SL Dual Probe


The Vscan Air SL sets new standards in handheld ultrasound – a flexible, wireless dual-probe with sector and linear transducers that deliver crystal clear images. Ideal for rapid cardiac and vascular examinations.

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GE Vscan Air SL Dual Probe

The new Vscan Air SL from GE HealthCare is designed for rapid cardiac and vascular assessments at the point of care to help clinicians accelerate diagnoses and treatment decisions. The latest addition to the Vscan product suite, Vscan Air SL features GE HealthCare’s proprietary SignalMax and XDclear technology that provide high levels of penetration, resolution, and sensitivity in imaging performance with an industry-leading single crystal transducer technology.

The portable, wireless Vscan Air SL is designed to enable clinicians to efficiently collect and view crystal clear cardiac and vascular images at the point of care. By streamlining these workflows and avoiding overloading traditional radiology resources, clinicians can expedite care decisions to help patients receive treatment plans right away when time is of the essence.

GE Vscan Air SL Dual Probe

Wireless dual-probe with curved and linear transducers
Ultra-portable, cordless, customizable, and intuitive
Crystal clear images with the power of SignalMax+ XDclear technology
Connects to the Vscan Air app with compatible Android™ and iOS™ devices
Ideal for fast cardiac and vascular assessments

Designed around you. Built for your needs.

Take Vscan Air SL anywhere with wireless freedom and maximum portability. Its sector transducer is ideal for focused cardiac assessments. With Vscan Air SL handheld ultrasound, the opposite side of the probe has a linear array, so that you won’t miss a beat when moving from a cardiac to a vascular assessment. No need to go looking for your ultrasound — it’s right in your pocket.


Linear transducer for shallow scanning
•Frequency: 3 – 12 MHz
•Maximum depth: 8 cm

Sector array transducer for deep scanning
•Frequency: 1.6 – 3.7 MHz
•Maximum depth: 24 cm

•Weight: 218 +/- 3 grams
•Mobile App enabled on Apple® and Android™ devices
•Probe is completely cordless
•Wireless data connectivity


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