Sonosite X-Porte Ultrasound Machine

Sonosite X-Porte Ultrasound Machine

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The SonoSite X-Porte utrasound includes high-definition imaging for improved decision making confidence. Take advantage of the streamlined workflow with remote worksheets, barcode scanning, and menu customization.

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Sonosite X-Porte Ultrasound Machine

The SonoSite X-Porte ultrasound system fluidly brings together an intuitive interface, imaging performance, advanced features, and educational resources in a convenient, all-in-one kiosk design.

Advanced features and capabilities help you optimize your workflow
Intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to customize your view
Proprietary high-definition imaging technology delivers better image visualization
With no buttons, the control panel and monitor may be cleaned and disinfected with ease
Scan along in real-time with more than 87 onboard ultrasound educational tutorials
Education-focused features support your medical education and training programs
The modular design provides portability, manueverability, and easy service support


Brand: Sonosite
Model: Sonosite X Porte
Category: Ultrasound Equipment
MPN: X Porte
Mounting: Trolley Mounted
Image Colour: Colour
Image Dimension: Two Dimensional, Three Dimensional, Four-Dimensional
Ultrasound Machine Features: Waterproof Probe
Intended Use/Discipline: Ultrasound, Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Onboard library of 87 scan-along tutorials helps to teach point-of-care ultrasound scanning techniques
Measurement on Recall allows you to go back into a completed ultrasound exam to add measurements and annotations to images for review.
The large monitor (48.2 cm / 19 inches) tilts and turns for easy group viewing from almost any angle or distance.
Connect SonoSite X-Porte via VGA or HDMI output to a larger display for even more significant group viewing and instruction
Use the integrated DVR to record up to 60 minutes of a scan session to gather dynamic information to add to presentations or for educational instruction.

Imaging Modes

2D, Broadband Imaging
Tissue Harmonic Imaging (P21xp, C60xp)
Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
Velocity Color Doppler
Color Power Doppler
Pulsed Wave Doppler
Pulsed Wave Tissue Doppler
Continuous Wave Doppler, ECG

Image Processing Sonosite X-Porte Ultrasound Machine

Extreme Definition Imaging (XDI)
SonoAdapt Tissue Optimization
SonoHD2 Imaging Technology
Dual Imaging
Dual Color Imaging
SonoMB Multibeam Technology
AutoGain Brightness Adjust
Restore Default Gains
Dynamic Range
Duplex Imaging
8x Zoom Capability
Post Processing: Dynamic Range, Zoom
2D Image Optimization: Average and Difficult
Overall Gain, Near and Far Field Gain Control
Color and Doppler Flow Optimization (low, medium, high)
Color Variance Mode
2D Reduced Imaging Sector

User Interface and Programmable Controls

Capacitive Touch Screen
Multi-touch gestures for system controls Configurable User Interface: Start Screen, More Controls, Programmable Keys, System Parameters Clinical Display Information
Programmable Keys (9): Functions: Show/Hide, End Exam, Reset Gain to
Default Values, Print, Save Image, Save Video Clip, AutoGain, Calcs, None
Configurable Start Screen: Start, Scanning, Transducer/Exam Selection, Patient Information
Virtual QWERTY Keyboard for annotation
User defined exam types (up to five exam types for each exam type/transducer combination). For example, you can define five different exam types for Abdomen on P21xp transducer and five exam types for Abdomen on the C60xp transducer.
Image Acquisition Keys: Save, Review, Report, Video Clip Store, Video Clip Edit, DVR
Labeling of saved images
Display formats for Duplex Imaging: 1/3 and 2/3, ½ and ½, 2/3 and 1/3, side by side and full-screen duplex
Doppler Controls: angle, steer, scale, baseline, sample volume, gain and volume



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