Faro Orbis Mobile Laser Scanner

Faro Orbis Mobile Laser Scanner

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FARO Orbis is the all-in-one mobile laser scanner with integrated stationary scanning, powered by FARO FLASH technology

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Faro Orbis Mobile Laser Scanner

Faro Orbis Mobile Laser Scanner is a revolutionary mobile scanning solution built to maximize productivity and optimize workflow. Engineered for construction, engineering and surveying professionals, Orbis scans the real world rapidly and with extreme accuracy, producing 3D visualizations.

Featuring FARO’s Flash Technology, Orbis performs stationary scans in just 15 seconds, offering unmatched detail from a mobile mapping system. GeoSLAM’s leading-edge SLAM algorithm powers Orbis to deliver accurate results faster, reducing potential for human error and elevating efficiency. Combining mobile scanning with stationary Flash scanning, Orbis is the perfect partner to conquer the modern scanning landscape.

Hybrid Reality Capture with FLASH Technology

Improve your mobile scanning quality with Hybrid Reality Capture powered by FARO’s proprietary Flash Technology. Previously unseen in a mobile scanning solution, Orbis offers mobile scanning and stationary scanning capabilities with Flash, delivering high quality, accurate, and dense datasets. It’s a combination of speed, data clarity and accuracy in one complete scanning solution.

10x Faster Than Other Surveying Methods

Experience unmatched speed of data capture with mobile scanning technology. Designed for rapid deployment, Orbis ensures fast and accurate data acquisition, revolutionizing your project timelines. It empowers users to capture detailed and accurate spatial data 10x faster than traditional laser scanning, accelerating workflows and ensuring you stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world.


SLAM Capture Mode: 5mm Accuracy, 120m Range

Flash TLS Capture Mode: 2mm Accuracy, 80m Range

FARO Orbis solves the trade-off between speed and accuracy in an all-encompassing mobile scanning solution. Featuring the latest scanning technology and integrated with FARO Flash, Orbis provides high-class precision and scan density. Capture dynamic scans by walking through your jobsite with Orbis or attach the scanner to the included monopod accessory for employing flash scans of key areas, like complex pipework, in just 15 seconds.


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