Artec Micro II 3D Scanner

Artec Micro II 3D Scanner

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The all new Artec Micro II is the latest high accuracy desktop 3D scanner from Artec3D. The 3D scanner can achieve an incredible accuracy of 5 microns for capturing small objects such as jewellery, dentistry, industrial turbine blades and gears.

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Artec Micro II 3D Scanner

Artec Micro II 3D Scanner is a high-precision, automated desktop 3D scanner with 5-micron accuracy, ideal for detailed scanning of small objects. It features four high-resolution cameras for full coverage, fast data capture, and a one-click workflow, making it perfect for applications like reverse engineering and quality inspection. Suitable for objects up to 20cm, it is designed for professional use in fields like dentistry, design and more.

5-micron accuracy for metrology-grade precision
Quad-cam scanning captures intricate details
One-click workflow simplifies operation


The Micro II is a state-of-the-art desktop 3D scanner offering unparalleled precision with 5-micron accuracy, ideal for reverse engineering and quality inspection of small objects. This fully automated, compact device simplifies 3D scanning with a one-click workflow, capturing every detail with metrology-grade accuracy. Equipped with four high-resolution cameras, it ensures full coverage and deep views for hyper-realistic, full-color 3D models. Perfect for a range of applications from dentistry to design, the Micro II revolutionizes desktop 3D scanning.

Key Features of the Artec Micro II 3D Scanner:

Achieve 5-micron metrology-grade accuracy for small parts
Captures color and uses quad-cam scanning for detailed coverage
Fast data capture with 1,000,000 calculations/second
Makes professional reverse engineering and quality inspection effortless
Fully automated desktop size for convenience
Scans objects up to 200mm in size
One-click workflow for ease of use


Simplify your scanning process with the Artec Micro II’s one-click operation, ensuring rapid, comprehensive digitization. It’s designed for speed, processing vast amounts of data instantly, making it perfect for efficient, high-speed scanning tasks.

1-Click Workflow
Capture & process >140 million image points / sec
Automatically positions your object to follow the ideal scanning trajectory
Thoroughly scans object from all sides in minimal time


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