Niton FXL Field X-ray Lab

Niton FXL Field X-ray Lab

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The Thermo Scientific Niton FXL Series field x-ray lab delivers XRF-based elemental analysis with lab-quality testing performance. Housed in a compact, portable package you can operate virtually anywhere on-site, this elemental analysis lab offers unmatched performance, features, and mobility.

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Niton FXL Field X-ray Lab

Niton FXL Field X-ray Lab applications in the mining industry have increased tremendously in the 21st century. There is no doubt that these valuable instruments can play a significant role not only in grass root exploration projects, but also in advanced mining programs and even daily routine grade control and ore
processing. With increasing global demand for metals, minerals, and petroleum, there is a growing need for exploration and mining activity. Exploration of new prospects is challenging, since the most accessible and
obvious ore deposits have already been explored and mined. This circumstance reinforces the importance of
identifying geochemical exploration keys and models that can be used to facilitate new discoveries.


Exploration keys are defined based on our understanding of physical and geochemical processes
that contribute to the origin of mineral deposits. Understanding these processes will facilitate the
development of more refined genetic models, which will lead to better exploration strategies and improve the odds of success for global mineral exploration. This area of economic geology/geochemistry requires low detectionlimits and high accuracy, comparable to those from the lab-based assays, but much faster real-time analyses in the field. The Thermo Scientific Niton FXL field x-ray lab, using XRF technology, meets these needs. The goals in this application study are to:

Compare Niton FXL analyzer results with lab assay
Identify geochemically anomalous zones of:
Ore metals – These can be used directly to locate drill targets Light elements (such as Al, S, Si) – These can beused to identify hydrothermal alteration zones and exploration keys that can vector to locate and characterize centers of hydrothermal activity and mineralization.

Portable XRF Analyzer

True lab-quality performance with superior limits of detection
Nondestructive with accurate, consistent elemental analysis in minutes – or less
Easy to use, with little operator training required
Lightweight and ruggedly designed for field and manufacturing operations
Available with 1 mm, 3 mm, and 8 mm spot sizes
Sample spinner for reducing sample heterogeneity issues due to grain size
Closed-beam design requires minimal licensing in most countries

Package includes:

– Niton FXL
– Sample spinner
– X-Y positioning
– 1 mm, 3 mm, and 8 mm spot size
– Integrated CCD camera for locating and storing images
– One lithium-ion battery pack
– USB cable
– Niton Data Transfer (NDT™) software
– Check sample/standards
– Pelican case
– 110/220 VAC battery charger/AC adaptor
– Carrying bag



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