Lutronic Spectra XT Q-Switch ND:YAG Multiplatform

Lutronic Spectra XT Q-Switch ND:YAG Multiplatform

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Lutronic offers SPECTRA XT as the most advanced “Extended Platform” Q-switched Nd-YAG laser. A new-concept system overcoming the limitations of currently available QSNY systems, and extending the indications.

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Lutronic Spectra XT Q-Switch ND:YAG Multiplatform

The SPECTRAXT laser includes a variety of effective treatment options, adjustable Parameters for minimized downtime and four different adjustable wavelengths (1064 nm, 532 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm). SPECTRA XT offers several advantages over other lasers and offers in particular the newly expanded treatments, “Gold Toning” with 595 nm, “RuVY Touch” with 660 nm and with 1064 nm quasi long pulse (max. 45 J / s), more treatment options. The SPECTRA XT is the first Q-Switch Nd: which, in addition to the treatment of traumatic tattoos.

Lutronic Spectra XT

The leader in Q Switched Nd:Yag lasers .Dual-pulsed Q-switched Nd: YAG Laser – The Spectra XT extended platform by Lutronic is a new laser peel device that offers three different wavelength settings. This hugely increases the number of possible aesthetic treatments that a clinic or salon can offer
Laser Tattoo Removal (All colours of ink)
Acne scars & Inflammatory acne treatments
Rosacea treatments
Age spots & Freckles treatments
Enlarged pores treatments
Skin rejuvenation treatments
Melasma treatments


This revolutionary laser peel is suitable for all ethnicities and skin-types – unlike conventional peels. The Spectra XT’s deeper wavelength can also tackle the problems deep down, minimising the risk of damage to the skin’s surface. Freckles and other pigmentation can be treated easily while minimising the risk of inflammation.

On the deepest setting, the Spectra XT carbon laser gets to work on stimulating the re-modelling of collagen. Sometimes called the ‘Hollywood Peel’ or ‘Carbon Laser Peel’, this can help ease the appearance of wrinkles, tone the face and reduce large pores effectively.

Carbon laser peel / Hollywood Peel

The Carbon Spectra Laser Peel is the original Carbon Laser Peel. The Lutronic Spectra XT Q-Switch ND:YAG Multiplatform is an advanced multi-platform laser treatment with three depth settings: 595, 660 and 1064 nm. The Hollywood Peel (at 1064 nm) takes about 45 minutes. The skin is covered with a carbon face mask and the laser is passed over it several times, blasting off the dried solution, taking with it dead skin and impurities.


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