K-laser Cube Plus 30 Medical Therapy

K-laser Cube Plus 30 Medical Therapy

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K-laser Cube Plus 30 Medical Therapy

K-laser Cube Plus 30 Medical Therapy High Power Laser (HPL) raises the standard for physical rehabilitation treatment options. This HPL Technology offers fast, painless and non-invasive treatments as an alternative solution to drugs.

The higher power within Cube Plus 30 helps to achieve greater photonic delivery and shortens treatment times. The simultaneous use of multiple wavelengths allows an optimal absorption on the target chromophores, able to trigger photochemical and photothermal aimed at accelerating the tissue healing process and arresting soft tissue and joint pain to stimulate rapid tissue repair.


The Cube Plus 30 High-Power Laser (HPL) represents a groundbreaking advancement in laser rehabilitation therapy. Utilizing its HPL Technology, this device offers rapid, pain-free, and non-invasive treatments that promote recovery without the need for medication. It is especially valuable for post-surgery rehabilitation and various therapeutic interventions.

The Cube Plus 30 operates within a high-power range, streamlining the delivery of photons, resulting in shorter treatment durations. This is achieved by harnessing multiple wavelengths simultaneously to maximize the absorption of energy by the targeted chromophores. The outcome is expedited healing and pain relief in soft tissues and joints, driven by photochemical and photothermal responses.

Portable & User-Friendly

The K-Laser Cube 30 is a lightweight, portable device making it intuitive to use for professionals in a variety of settings, ensuring convenience and flexibility in delivering laser therapy.

Heat-Resistant Handpiece

The handpiece’s remarkable heat resistant technology allows it to stay consistently cool. Additionally, its new distal piece stands out with easy maintenance, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Smart Handpiece

The K-Laser Cube Plus 30 smart handpiece includes safety features like a movement sensor and speed control to ensure precise, safe laser therapy.

Multi-Mode Handpiece

The multi-mode handpiece allows for various treatment modes by offering interchangeable optic software, enabling professionals to customize treatments by indications or patient needs.

K-Laser Cube Plus 30 Medical Therapy

25W CW
New smart handpiece
New thicker and even more resistant fiber
New active distal handpiece: active photonics modulation – APM
New technology: treatment by phases or by effects
Advanced bidirectional cooling system
4 wavelengths for a complete and integrated spectrum of tissue stimulation and deeper penetration
1,5 kg – ultra-portable
Rechargable battery long lasting, highest quality nano-phosphate battery
1,5 kg – 200 x 180 x 190 mm.


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