InMode Define Face Contouring Machine

InMode Define Face Contouring Machine

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Define deploys multiple programmable modalities that work synergistically:
• Morpheus8: bipolar fractional microneedling
• Define Cheek: hands-free bipolar RF for cheeks
• Define Chin: hands-free bipolar RF for the submental zone
• Forma: operator-administered bipolar RF

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InMode Define Face Contouring Machine

InMode Define Face Contouring Machine is a facial remodeling platform that utilizes revolutionary and noninvasive radiofrequency technology to lift, firm and tighten your skin. It delivers a first-in-class anti-aging treatment that heats and restructures the facial tissues to produce dramatic results you’ll notice after a few treatments. With Define, patients concerned about jowls, sagging or loose facial skin can remodel the chin, cheeks, neck and jawline with no recovery time!

Remodel my chin, Cheeks, neck or jawline

Define Chin & Cheek offers multiple customizable cosmetic treatments that improve facial appearance with one device. A proprietary hands-free applicator allows Define to deliver radiofrequency (RF) energy to targeted regions that include the chin, cheeks, neck and jawline. As the RF energy penetrates deep into the skin’s subdermal layer, it heats up the targeted areas, remodeling and renewing both the dermis (top layer of skin) and the underlying subdermal tissues to create a more defined facial contour.

Define works

Define works by using patented hands-free technology to deliver bipolar RF energy into the cheeks, neck and jawline. As the RF energy penetrates the skin, it restructures both the dermal and subdermal tissues with uniform, volumetric heating to address the full topography of your face, lifting and tightening treated areas without the need for incisions, anesthesia or downtime. It also stimulates the production of new collagen fibers for gradual and lasting improvements. The result is a firmer, more youthful-looking appearance and visibly tighter skin that can remain for a year or more once you’ve achieved your desired outcome.


Noticeable improvements in skin firmness after just one treatment
Real-time temperature control for safe, reliable results
Customized treatment plans tailored to your needs
Quickly and painlessly remodels the skin and subdermal tissues
Reduces the appearance of jowls, sagging and loose skin
Targets the chin, cheek, neck and jawline
Safe and effective for all skin tones and types
Long-lasting results that can be easily maintained with touch-ups
Comfortable, noninvasive procedure — no incisions or downtime

Define Chin & Cheek can address the following concerns:

The appearance of jowls
Loose skin on the face and neck
Submental fullness (double chin)
Loss of definition in the cheeks
Aging jawline contours
Fine lines and wrinkles
Volume loss in the cheeks and lower face


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