InMode Bodytite Aesthetic Equipment

InMode Bodytite Aesthetic Equipment

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BodyTite is a minimally invasive workstation delivering results previously only achieved through excisional procedures. BodyTite, powered by directional radiofrequency (RF), provides subdermal tissue coagulation and bulk tissue heating.

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InMode Bodytite Aesthetic Equipment

InMode Bodytite Aesthetic Equipment is a minimally-invasive device for body contouring delivering results previously only achieved through excisional procedures. BodyTite is powered by directional RF resulting in three-dimensional tissue remodeling through fat coagulation and volumetric heating. The coagulation of fat using RF-induced heat results in radio-frequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL).

Key Benefits

RFAL technology represents the future of body and face contouring. By adding BodyTite,FaceTite, AccuTite and Morpheus8 to your aesthetic offerings, your practice will:

Attract a broader patient base by offering a solution without the large scars and minimal downtime
Be able to provide solutions to a younger set of patients who are not yet ready for a facelift, or don’t want a tummy tucks
Innovate with the leading technology in the marketplace today
Offer minimally invasive procedures that deliver surgical results

BodyTite is a radiofrequency (RF) assisted procedure that utilizes this RF energy to tighten relaxed or loose skin and remove fat. The RF engergy liquefies fat and tightens skin to enable patients to enjoy a smoother, tighter, and more toned silhouette. It can be performed with or without liposuction, although it is only typically recommended to be carried out without liposuction where the patient have little to no sagging or very little excess fat but are targeting soft tissue tightening. In the majority of cases, BodyTite with some level of liposuction is recommended.

BodyTite is an effective way to eliminate excess fat from specific areas in your body. It’s a highly versatile technique that can be used in many places where you have excess fat, such as:

Abdomen (belly)
Breasts in men
Pubic mound


(4) Unopened Bodytite Handpieces,
(2) Footswitches,
Operator Manual


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