GeoSlam ZEB REVO RT Handheld Laser Scanner

GeoSlam ZEB REVO RT Handheld Laser Scanner

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GeoSlam ZEB REVO RT Handheld Laser Scanner

GeoSlam ZEB REVO RT Handheld Laser Scanner is a handheld, lightweight laser scanner, enabling you to build accurate 3D models in minutes while on the move.

Capture 43,000 points per second and achieve survey-grade relative accuracy of up to 6mm, which is ideal for precision scanning and capturing fine details.

View point cloud data in real-time to see the areas you’ve covered (or missed) and the route you’ve taken before you leave your survey site.

The ZEB Revo has a 30m range and can be used in areas with poor GPS, including indoors, underground and outdoors.

It features a rotating LiDAR sensor for the widest field of view and has a rugged IP54 rating.

Data collected from the ZEB Revo RT can be processed via GeoSLAM Connect & Draw, as well as a range of third-party software.

heliguy offers a full ecosystem of support for the ZEB Revo RT, including free consultancy, other GeoSLAM products and in-house surveying specialists to help with the sensor and datasets.

ZEB Revo RT Applications

Handheld 3D scanning for professional applications

The ZEB Revo RT is ideal for capturing data for accurate 3D models and can be deployed by a range of industries.

A highly-portable tool, it is especially useful for mapping smaller spaces and indoor/underground environments.

It can be used for

Floor Plans
Facilities management

Using a LiDAR 3D scanner for industrial purposes like mine inspection and quality control can increase safety, reduce time and lower costs, enabling you to scan objects like buildings or landmarks with ease.

Flexible LiDAR Scanner

Accessories for enhanced data collection.

The ZEB Revo RT can be paired with other GeoSLAM products to make the most of your surveying missions.


GS_610042 Geoslam ZEB-REVO handheld laser scanner
GS_610070 Geoslam ZEB-REVO RT Processing Unit
GS_610008 Geoslam ZEB REVO main cable
PAG_9307V ZEB-REVO RT battery
PAG_ 9710 ZEB-REVO RT battery charger
MUS_40_1_5 Shoulder strap
RS_832-347 Ethernet cable
GS_610073 ZEB-CAM cable (compatible with RT Processing Unit)
GS_510072 Heavy Duty Carry casE
GS_SW_LICENSE GeoSLAM HUB license dongle and USB memory sticK
GS_610071 Magnetic mount for tablet or cell phone
2 year hardware warranty



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