Faro Focus S70 3D Laser Scanner

Faro Focus S70 3D Laser Scanner

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The ultra-portable Focus S70 Laser Scanner captures ultra-high accurate measurements of objects and buildings with speed and ease. It captures complex structures, production and supply facilities, and large-volume components — delivering realistic and true-to-detail scan results.

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Faro Focus S70 3D Laser Scanner

Faro Focus S70 3D Laser Scanner is a state-of-the-art laser scanner design for ultra high accurate measurements and on site data capture across an extended temperature range. As the most versatile 3D laser scanner on the market, it delivers high levels of accuracy even in wet weather conditions and other challenging environments. The ultra-portable FocusS 70 enables fast, straightforward and ultra-high accurate measurements of objects and buildings.

Designated use:

scanner is suitable for ranges from 0.6m to 70m (23.62 in to 2,755.91 in)
measurement speed of maximum 976.000 points/second
colored scans are possible
multi sensor: GPS & GLONASS, compass, altimeter, dual axis compensator
distance accuracy: ± 1mm
on-site compensation
remote control via WLAN or mobile device
HDR photo overlay
high scan data quality due to increased distance and angular accuracy
scanning in rough environments while providing protection from dust, debris ad water splashes (ingress protection IP54
extended temperature range: -20° to +55° C

Field of application:

architecture, preservation of buildings and monuments
design and planning of factory buildings and digital factory
mining industry and tunnel construction
public service corporations
aircraft construction and naval architecture
foundries and steel industry
chemistry and process industry


1x FocusS 70, with HDR photography, with GPS, compass, altimeter (barometer), dual-axis compensator, WLAN, IP rating 54,
1x Battery Power Block,
1x Battery Power Dock,
1x 90W Power Supply,
1x Optic Cleaning Fluid,
3x Optic Cleaning Tissues,
1x 32GB SD card,
1x SD card reader,
1x SD card cover,
1x rugged transport case,
calibration certificate,
2 year manufacturer guarantee and a quick start guide.


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