Erchonia Emerald Fat Loss Laser

Erchonia Emerald Fat Loss Laser

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EMERALD Laser is a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical fat loss treatment which shrinks fat cells in stubborn areas of the body. Patients lose an average of 6 inches over a course of treatment, with no downtime.

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Erchonia Emerald Fat Loss Laser

The Erchonia Emerald Fat Loss Laser is a new type of laser that is said to be the holy grail of weight loss. This laser uses a different wavelength than traditional lasers, and it is said to be much more effective at breaking down fat cells. The Erchonia Emerald Weight Loss Laser is also painless, safe, and easy to use.

Introducing Emerald

Emerald is a non-invasive low-level laser that emits 10 532 nm green lasers onto the skin to treat hypertrophic adipocytes. The treatment emulsifies the adipose tissue and releases excess fatty materials into the interstitial space. From there, the fat is passed through the body during its natural course of detoxification through the lymphatic system.

The treatment is FDA-cleared for full-body laser fat loss and can treat even the most stubborn areas of the body. The main objective of this treatment is to decrease your overall body circumference.

The Emerald Laser is currently the only weight loss device that has been cleared by the FDA for patients with a BMI of up to 40. The Emerald Laser is the way your patients can start their weight loss journey by shrinking and breaking down fat cells and emulsifying fatty tissue. After treatment, the broken down fat cells are cleared from the body by the lymphatic system.

Emerald Laser Treatments

The treatment is straight forward with no side-effects. Emerald Laser treatments last for about 30 minutes. The 10 lasers are applied to your patients target areas of fat simultaneously. By treating your patients as few as 8 times you can see dramatic fat loss results. As a Emerald Laser provider, you must stick to treatment protocols to see results for your clients.

The amount of Emerald Laser treatments your patient should receive depends on their fat loss goals. Most patients receive 6-10 sessions.

Only patients that are qualified candidates should be treated with the Emerald Laser
Each session lasts 30 minutes
Skin exposure is preferred during treatment to maximize energy density and results
Maximum distance between the laser heads and the treatment area should be 5 inches or closer
After the Emerald Laser system is aligned, lock the wheels in place so it is not accidentally moved from the patients target area
Document your patients results with measurements and before and after photos
Patients should drink plenty of water to give their body help with flushing out the fat cells faster


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