Carestream CS 3800 Intraoral Dental Scanner

Carestream CS 3800 Intraoral Dental Scanner

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Few details are known at this stage, but so far this is what we learnt about the new scanner:

Completely Wireless – battery life up to one hour of scanning
It can be plugged in using a back up cord if the battery runs out
The CS 3800 uses a dedicated point-to-point WiFi dongle
It uses motion controls within the scanner to enable moving digital models without touching the computer
At 240 grams it is 20% lighter than the previous generation CS 3700
3 different scanning tip options of different sizes
Scanning tips can be autoclaved up to 110 times
The CS 3800’s field of view has been enlarged to 16 mm x 14 mm. This will make scanning smoother
It has an improved depth of field up to 21mm
CS ScanFlow software has seen many workflow improvements in the past years including a new edentulous scan mode
CS 3800 can be combined with the new Carestream Voyager trolley

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Carestream CS 3800 Intraoral Dental Scanner

Carestream CS 3800 Intraoral Dental Scanner gives you a whole new experience in acquiring impressions: Freedom. Freedom from cables; freedom to pursue your preferred workflow; freedom to pay only for what you use; and freedom to interact with partners, how you prefer, when you prefer. Plus, as the result of a renewed collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche, the CS 3800 displays a timeless, ergonomic design that ensures a high-performance scanning experience.

High-performance wireless intraoral scanner for optimal mobility
One of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners on the market
Fast and smooth scanning thanks to a large and deep field of view
Easier for you and end-to-end workflows provide a seamless user experience


High-performance wireless intraoral scanner for optimal mobility and seamless user experience
One of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners on the market
Faster and smoother scanning thanks to a larger and broader field of view and a deeper field of view
Complete control of the intraoral possibilities right on the handle
Ergonomic design by Studio FA Porsche

Enjoy the benefits of a digital workflow in the following areas:

Assistant prostheses
Sleep dentistry

Stable Wireless Connection

Dedicated point-to-point WiFi access ensures a robust and stable transmission for a continuous and efficient scanning procedure. Simply plug in the WiFi dongle and press the button to start scanning, it’s that easy.

CS 3800 Wireless Intraoral Scanner:
Freedom at Your Fingertips

Embrace the world of wireless scanning! No cords to tangle. No wires to run over. Nothing to tether you in place!

Scan an entire single arch in 24 seconds, digitally map your full treatment plan chairside and seamlessly integrate your data with third-party software.

Exceptionally light and compact
Larger field of view and deeper depth of field for lightning-fast scanning
Full control of all the intraoral scanner capabilities right from the handpiece
Continuous scanning for an entire hour before re-charging
Ergonomic design by Studio F. A. Porsche


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