Alma Harmony XL PRO Laser

Alma Harmony XL PRO Laser


The most sought-after laser and light-based treatments that addresses all skin types and all skincare needs.

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Alma Harmony XL PRO Laser

The Harmony XL Pro, which offers over 65 treatments. Harmony XL Pro has three primary functions, each addressing a specific concern on your face and body. These technologies all FDA approved stem from Alma, one of the global leaders in aesthetic (particularly laser) technology.

Harmony XL PRO is a powerful and versatile treatment solution for a wide range of aesthetic needs. Treating over 65 FDA-cleared indications, this multi-application platform offers a full spectrum of technologies, applicators, tips and treatment methods that achieve outstanding results. Providing the added benefit of synergistic combined treatments, Harmony XL PRO is in tune with today’s holistic and personalized approach, enabling intelligent and patient-eccentric treatments that lead to enhanced results.

Multi-Application Platform
Extendible and upgrade able
Over 65 FDA-cleared indications
Combined technologies for better clinical results

Harmony XL PRO integrates several technologies that come together in perfect harmony to address the most common aesthetic concerns with one customizable workstation. FDA-cleared for over 65 indications, the Harmony XL PRO offers exceptional versatility for practices of any size.

Features & Benefits Alma Harmony XL PRO Laser

Multi-Application System

Combining multiple clinically proven technologies, like skin resurfacing and laser hair removal, to treat nearly 70 FDA-cleared indications, offering the widest range of aesthetic solutions in one comprehensive device

Customizable and Up gradable

Plug-and-play handpieces for multiple technologies make it easy to expand services to meet evolving needs

Solutions for In-Demand Treatments

Offer solutions for the full spectrum of patients with a workstation that addresses the most common aesthetic concerns for all skin types and areas of the body

No Consumables and Fast Returns

With zero consumables to purchase, hit the break-even point and enjoy a healthy per-treatment margin quickly and efficiently


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